Monday, April 14, 2014

Workshop: Knights' Fest

Hello! Today was a very exciting day because Jen and I got to teach our very first workshop! Logos, a Classical Christian school in Moscow, annually hosts a day of extra-curricular events called Knight's Fest. The director invited Opus this year, so Jen and I joined in to offer a brief study of Illuminated Art.

In preparation, we drew four medieval designs--three of them came from the Book of Kells, and the fourth was from an Opus Kickstarter coaster--and then made copies for the workshop. Each student chose their favorite design and learned to illuminate it using watercolor paints and gold/silver leaf.

Here are a few pictures of these awesome young students at work:

We hope that these kids will continue to paint fancy designs, and to make those designs glow by adding metal leaf. At the very least, they now know how to not breathe too heavily while applying said leaf (it tends to float and scatter everywhere from even the smallest gusts of wind).

Thanks to the Logos Knights' Fest hosts for letting us teach, and to these kids for being great students!