Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Process: Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

Hello! It's been a little while! Making Opus rewards and celebrating Christmas has kept us nice and busy. We're definitely planning a collage Rewards Workshop blog post, but there are three more Kickstarter processes that we'd like to share first.

The Christmas cards and tags were really fun to make. The card process went something like this....

*We cut some really shimmery red and silver paper sheets in half and then fold each half in half. (Actually, this was step two. Step one consisted of 40+ minutes of pealing price stickers off the backs of every single sheet.)
*Then we sandwiched each card in a stamp folder and cranked it through the embossing press.

After that, it was simply a matter of stuffing each embossed card in an envelope and shipping them off in sets of 12!

The tag process was quite similar, but involved a bit more exacto knife and scissor work as the red and silver tags had to be cut out by hand. (The black tags had the sense to come in pre-cut packages.)

We made these tags in sets of 20, two of each design for the red and silver, and one of each design for the black. There are so many packages to label during the Christmas season!

We definitely plan to use embossing for future projects. It's such a jolly process and it opens the door to endless designs and textures!

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