Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Process: Wood Cover Journals

And here is Jen and my final Kickstarter process post, which is all about wood cover journals--last but not least!

Just like our leather journal, these wood cover journals have folios, signatures, and book blocks. I made these with a high quality watercolor paper which is ideal for drawing, calligraphy, and watercolor paint.

For the covers, I cut out, planed, and routed 7"x10"x1/4" pieces of maple with the help of the amazing workers at Woodcraft. I then used pyrography to decorate the front covers with our Antha and Emerald designs. Next, I stained and finished each cover, layering several stain colors for a rich effect.

The third and final stage was binding, which is one of my favorite processes. Ever.

I started with piercing holes in the valleys of each signature, and by drilling corresponding holes through each wooden cover. I then bound a front and back cover to each book block using the Coptic Stitch. Then it was just a matter of securing black leather around each spine using an Opus catch stitch and adhesive.

Oh, yes! Almost forgot. I used a Gothic script, the same one used for our Shakespeare Scroll and Illuminated Pages, for the optional personalized next on the first page.

And that's a wrap! We're nearly finished with all of our Kickstarter rewards, and new items are in the making! Look for a collage post and sneak peeks soon!

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